Ed Schultz: FNC’s Martha MacCallum Shows Just ‘How Dumb Some Fox Anchors Really Are’

Ed Schultz targeted Fox News Channel’s Martha MacCallum last night and sarcastically referred to her as a “Fox News straight anchor and Gretchen Carlson-wannabe.” He had a bone to pick with the “news” anchor since according to Schultz she “gets on board with a brand new right-wing talking point.”

In the clip Schultz played, MacCallum was amazed by the massive amount of checks the government sends out every month and said if America wasn’t sending out so much money, then we would have been able to handle our ongoing wars in a much stronger fiscal position. Schultz called MacCallum’s statement “outrageous” and argued many of the checks America writes go to veterans and the elderly, “but Martha would rather use that money on war.”

Schultz also tried to swat down an idea floated by MacCallum’s guest that the Bush administration did not contribute greatly to the deficit. Yet Schultz returned focus to MacCallum, concluding “this is just another example of how dumb some of those Fox anchors really are.”

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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