Ed Schultz May Have Slightly Misread Pew’s Findings About His Show

Liberal commentator Ed Schultz‘s radio show is considered one of the least trusted news sources across ideological lines, according to a new Pew Research Center study. He didn’t seem to catch that when he read it.

“Thank you Pew Research. Survey shows the people who pay attention to facts, trust me,” Schultz tweeted Tuesday afternoon, with a spin on things so good even David Guetta said, “Nice!

Incidentally, according to the study, the only ideological group of people who trust Schultz’s show are those identified as “consistently liberal.” The next most liberal group is the “mostly liberal” people who the study says evaluate Schultz as equally trustworthy and untrustworthy.

A separate portion of the study looked at more specific degrees of ideology for different news outlets’ audiences (very liberal to very conservative). Unfortunately for Schultz, his program couldn’t be included in that part. Why not? “Think Progress, Daily Kos, Mother Jones and The Ed Schultz Show are not included in this graphic because audience sample sizes are too small to analyze,” reads Pew’s explainer on the graphic.

This is getting awkward, even though Schultz’s rating woes are well documented.

If Schultz can’t gain more people’s trust, may he at least keep his can-do attitude:

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