Ed Schultz On Newsweek’s Bachmann Cover: It’s Not Fair, She Deserves ‘Some Respect’

Add MSNBC’s Ed Schultz to the growing list of Michele Bachmann’s surprising defenders in the aftermath of Newsweek’s unflattering picture of the presidential candidate. And Schultz even applauds Bachmann for brushing off the controversy. Now with that out of the way, Schultz then is able to return to more familiar territory, letting us know what he doesn’t like about the Congresswoman.

Schultz first takes Newsweek to task:

“I don’t think that this Newsweek cover of Michele Bachmann is fair. I think she should have been afforded the same, or should I say, some amount of respect by Newsweek when she agreed to have a photo taken.”

Since a photo isn’t an important issue facing America, he’s happy that Bachmann didn’t choose the path of attacking the media. Instead, Schultz reveals that what is very important, is Bachmann’s desire to shut down the Environment Protection Agency and her alleged habit of requesting money from government agencies that “she rails against on the campaign trail.” To Schultz at least, these actions are much scarier than any picture of Bachmann ever could be.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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