Schultz Responds to The Five‘s Attacks: Fox Intentionally ‘Misunderstands the Word Glitch’

MSNBC host Ed Schultz responded to criticism directed at him from the hosts of Fox News Channel’s The Five on Friday. The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld called Schultz a “human glitch” on Thursday after the MSNBC host had accused Fox of over-hyping the technical difficulties the Affordable Care Act’s healthcare exchanges were experiencing. Schultz tore into the hosts and their network for what he called an intentional “misunderstanding.”

“I’m a human glitch?” Schultz exclaimed “Come on, boys, keep the personal shouts coming. I love it.”

“Since when has Fox news taken what President [Barack] Obama has said, ever, as truth in gospel and run with it?” he continued. “President Obama was not referring to a total malfunction and complete disarray the way Fox reported it and talked about it all day.”

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“Fox News clearly, clearly left the impression the system was a complete failure and unworkable for Americans who need health insurance,” Schultz added. “Fox, once again, has manufactured a negative by misunderstanding the word ‘glitch.’”

“Another misunderstanding? Just another day at the office at Fox News,” Schultz concluded.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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