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Ed Schultz: When Will Tea Party Stop Cheering For Hardship They Factored In?

Last night Ed Schultz hosted his show in front of a huge live crowd in Wisconsin, the site of today’s recall election. The raucous crowd actually added a very enjoyable element to Schultz’s proceedings, as they loudly cheered and booed various statements made by Schultz and his guests throughout the show.

Discussing the S&P credit downgrade, Schultz declared “the Tea Party knows what it did” and the crowd voiced their displeasure. After playing a clip from a Tea Party rally in Wisconsin, Schultz concluded “Tea Partiers were happy to be the cause of the economic turmoil” and wondered “at what point do the Tea Partiers stop cheering about economic hardships and which their contributing to undoubtedly?”

Schultz’s guest, John Nichols from The Nation replied “I suppose about when they realize they got no retirement left and they’re trying to take apart Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.” The crowd erupted in cheers. As the conversation continued, Nichols described the Tea Party’s impact on the Wisconsin election and added “people here are yelling ‘lies’ and I would have to agree with that.” With the unpredictable excitement coming from the fired up crowd, Schultz might want to consider taking his show on the road more often.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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