Education Expert On Fox & Friends: Study Shows Liberal Professors ‘Recruit Students’ To ‘Social Agenda’

On Thursday, Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy interviewed Peter Berkowitz, member of the National Organization of Scholars and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, to talk about a recently conducted study that reveals American college campuses are dominated by liberal professors — some of whom may be pushing a progressive agenda on their students.

“When parents send their kids to college, they want the kids to hear both sides,” said Doocy. “But that’s not what their kids are getting, is it?”

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“The California Association of Scholars study shows that increasingly this [political balance in the classroom] is not the priority for Professors,” said Berkowitz. “Instead, the priority for professors is to put forward a social agenda and recruit students to that social agenda.”

“It would not be so bad if all of these professors were openly dedicated to the principle that in the classroom they should present both sides of the argument fairly and in an evenhanded way in order to give students the opportunity to make up their own minds,” Berkowitz continued. “But, as I said, professors are increasingly devoted to the idea that it’s their job to inculcate in students correct views about how politics ought to be.”

Doocy pointed out that student’s education can also suffer when their professors are focused only on certain political theories rather than broadly defined, classical liberal arts studies.

Berkowitz agreed. “Increasingly, the curriculum does not require students to learn the basics of history, to read literature – English departments don’t require the study of Shakespeare. Not always but often. Political science departments in many cases don’t require students to study the principles of American government. Students aren’t required to study the arch and elements of Western Civilizations. It’s a huge problem.”

Watch the video below via Fox News Channel:

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