Egyptian News Tries to Pass Off Video Game As ‘Russian Airstrike Footage’

An Egyptian news anchor tried to pass off video game footage as actual video of Russia’s airstrikes on ISIS in Syria.

Ahmed Moussa aired the video in a segment attacking the United States for not taking a more proactive stance against ISIS. “Russia does not play around,” he said, according to an English translation posted by The Washington Post. “America was just playing, it wasn’t trying to hit [ISIS]. If anything, they were patting [ISIS] on the back, funding and arming them.”

To prove his point, Moussa aired footage showing the ferocity of the Russian bombing campaign. But viewers quickly noticed it looked a lot like the 2010 video game Apache Air Assault… and that the “Russians” were inexplicably speaking English.

Egyptian social media had a bit of fun at the expense of Moussa, who earlier this year was convicted by an Egyptian court for libel.

Watch above, via YouTube.

[Image via screengrab]
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