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Eliot Spitzer On GOP Budget: I Want Changes Too Just Not ‘All On The Backs Of The Poor’

Eliot Spitzer debated Republican Congressman Todd Akin last night on CNN about the Republican budget proposals and what Spitzer discovered left him agitated. Spitzer interrogated Akin about how the $800 billion in tax cuts for wealthy Americans that Akin supported in December is roughly the same amount of Medicaid cuts being proposed by Republicans now.

Spitzer agreed with Republicans that there needs to be big changes to the budget, saying:

I’m not in favor of continuing much of anything the way it’s been done. I want all sorts of changes. I just don’t want changes that are all on the backs of the poor.

Akin argued that tax cuts are what gets the “private sector to start hiring and investing, and that’s what gets more people working.” Yet Spitzer replied “right, because that worked so well under President Bush. We went into the worst recession we’ve ever had.” The back-and-forth certainly seemed like a preview of what the debate over next year’s budget will look like, just as soon as this year’s budget is settled.

Watch the clip from CNN below:

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