Elizabeth Warren Demurs on Impeachment Talk: ‘Let’s Get All of the Evidence’


In the wake of yesterday’s big news day — which was objectively a political nightmare for President Donald Trump — viewers of CNN would think that Trump’s time in White House was nearly over. Many of the on-air contributors last night could barely hide their hyperbolic schadenfreude and glee in suggesting that the Trump administration was soon to end.

Enter Senator Elizabeth Warren — she herself an enormous critic of President Trump — to pour cold water on his immediate removal from 1600 Pennsylvania.

When asked by New Day co-host John Berman if Michael Cohen’s directly implicating Mr. Trump in his plea deal was alone grounds for impeachment, Warren did not provide the red meat answer that so many anti-Trump likely wanted to see. She instead gave a measured response, talking about how the “serious ongoing investigation” has already “produced more than two dozen indictments or guilty pleas.”

Berman seemed unsatisfied with the answer and pressed again on what he saw as Warren’s reluctance to “talk about the ‘I’ word” asking why she would be nervous to call recent news an “impeachable offense.”

Warren’s response should warm the cockles of every reasonable viewer, soberly claiming that her desire for  Special Counsel Robert Mueller to lead an “effective” investigation. She ended with her plan to “protect Robert Mueller, let him finish his investigation, let him make a full and fair report to all of the American people. And when we’ve got that, then we can make a decision on what the appropriate next step is.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.


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