Elon Musk Biographer Tells Morning Joe That Billionaire Can ‘Hardly Remember’ His ‘Demon-Like’ Outbursts: ‘There Are Many Elon Musks’


The author of a new biography of Elon Musk joined Morning Joe on Monday morning where he shed light on the billionaire’s “demon-like” outbursts.

Asked by host Joe Scarborough to discuss both the challenges and rewards of working on the project, Walter Isaacson asserted that Musk has been “volatile his whole life” — not just during recent years.

“When I started this book, when we first talked about it, this was the guy who was bringing us into the era of electric vehicles and the only person who could send American astronauts into orbit from the U.S.. I thought, ‘Hey, good technology story,'” he began. “And then on the way, about a year into my reporting, he’s secretly buying up Twitter and then going to Hawaii in a two or three night binge and deciding to take it over. So it became a hell of a lot more of a rollercoaster ride then. And the dark strands in him, as well as the competence strands, are tightly woven together.”

Scarborough asked Isaacson to elaborate on how the different versions of Musk interact with one another.

“You know, that’s a great question because he has so many personalities, almost like multiple personalities and a bit like his father, whom he doesn’t speak to now, but his father is a Jekyll and Hyde and sometimes goes very dark,” replied Isaacson. He continued:

And it happened to Elon, too. He’ll go from being very giddy or being in engineering mode where he can figure out the valve of a raptor engine and suddenly the clouds come. And the amazing thing is, after he’s gone dark and been demon-like and really tough on people, he’ll snap out of it. And then I’ll ask him, “What was that all about?” And he hardly remembers it. So when you ask about what’s it like dealing with the Elon Musk, I say there are many Elon Musks in this book.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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