Emotional Interview With ‘The Boy Who Stood Up To A Bully’ Casey Heynes

Casey Heynes has captivated the world’s attention with the video of him standing up to a bully and laying the smackdown. As some news reports analyze the consequences of the fight, one news show in Australia went right to Casey to get his inspirational story.

Casey provides play-by-play commentary for his bully confrontation and admits that he wasn’t really thinking. The interview reveals that Casey suffered from a “lifetime of torment and abuse” and was all alone since his friends had deserted him. Casey sadly spoke about how he could only remember a couple of days when nobody would tease him, and that he even contemplated suicide. Finally though, as documented in the now famous clip, Casey just reached a point where enough was enough and snapped.

Casey has no regrets about the incident, but even more importantly, has a profound message for bullying victims around the world: “look for the good days, keep your chin up and school ain’t going to last forever.” And with Casey’s international popularity, and hundreds of thousands of supporters through social media, Casey is likely to have many more very good days in the future.

Watch the clip below from Australia’s A Current Affair:

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