‘Epic Failure’: MSNBC’s Karen Finney, Guests Pile on GOP’s Obamacare ‘Freakout’

This week was a particularly fierce one politically, with the Obamacare deadline hit, the White House saying they met and exceeded their target number, and the right collectively raising cain about the health care law. MSNBC host Karen Finney declared Saturday that “the freakout is in full swing,” saying that years down the road, opposition to Obamacare will be deemed as “ludicrous” as opposition to Social Security decades ago.

Media Matters writer Eric Boehlert pointed out “they spent four years [of] non-stop obstruction, non-stop sabotage” and the health care law still met its goal, and so for Fox News to spend “four years using this as free content,” Boehlert deemed that an “epic failure.” Radio host Joe Madison added that if they really think the books are cooked, “then prove it!”

Boehlert said after the deadline kicked in, the right decided to “seal that bubble a little tighter,” and Finney gave some surprising praise to Fox News for questioning if the GOP has an alternative. Madison said, “Any jackass can kick down a barn but it takes a skilled carpenter to build one.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

[h/t Media Matters]
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