Equal Justice for All? Morning Joe Lists ‘Falsifying Document’ Crimes in NY Amid Trump Push Back


Morning Joe tore into former President Donald Trump over the ongoing possibility of his indictment for paying hush money, plus the increasing danger he faces from his other legal battles.

The conversation began as Morning Joe spoke with Palm Beach State Attorney Dave Aronberg about Republicans who’ve glossed over Trump’s falsification of business records to defend him over the Stormy Daniels case. To that end, Joe Scarborough listed off a series of cases where the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office prosecuted other people before for falsifying business records in the past.

“And yet,” Scarborough said, “here you have Donald Trump, a couple of days before a presidential election paying $130,000 to a porn star, lying about it on his business records, and these Republicans are claiming this is much ado about nothing? Tell that to all the New Yorkers that have been tried and sent to jail for doing far less than Donald Trump. Here once again, we have Republicans saying the law should apply to everybody but Donald Trump.”

Aronberg responded that Trump’s other legal battles are more serious, but “that doesn’t mean [the Daniels case] is a weak case.”

“The hush money payment is what sent Michael Cohen to federal prison,” Aronberg said, “and Trump was an unindicted co-conspirator back then — Individual Number One — who was likely saved by the DOJ internal policy against indicting a sitting president.”

Aronberg was also asked to comment on the Mar-a-Lago documents case in light of the new reporting that says Trump “knowingly and deliberately” misled his own attorneys amid his unlawful attempts to retain classified documents. Mika Brzezinski commented that the case is “getting worse,” and Scarborough exclaimed, “My god! That took a turn yesterday that should cause Trump even more concern than what’s happening with the DA in Manhattan.”

Aronberg agreed, saying the Mar-a-Lago case is “the greatest threat to Donald Trump’s future freedom.”

For those who say that — well, Pence did it, Biden did it, so that somehow insulates Donald Trump. No, it’s not the possession of the documents. It’s the refusal to give them back. It’s the obstruction…punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

It is so unusual to break through attorney/client privilege. That’s what the court did here. They found that there was a crime fraud exception, that the lawyer, Evan Corcoran, was used to facilitate a crime.

What crime would that be but obstruction? Here you had Christina Bobb, who was one of Trump’s lawyers, who sent a letter to the Department of Justice saying we turned over all the documents. Well, that wasn’t true. That was a lie. Is she guilty of obstruction? The grand jury heard from her, or the DOJ heard from her, one of the two, and she pointed the finger at Evan Corcoran, said I didn’t draft that letter, it was Evan Corcoran. Of course, you should never sign a letter the drafter won’t sign yourself. Now Evan Corcoran is being brought in, he’s going to have to testify, and there’s evidence, apparently, that says that it was trump who instructed him to make these false statements.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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