Eric Bolling and Anthony Weiner Are Going at It on Twitter Right Now


Earlier today we posted this video of Anthony Weiner explaining that Fox News is conservative and MSNBC is liberal, not exactly the most novel concept in the world. Since he was speaking on CNN’s Reliable Sources, he added jokingly that CNN simply reports the “God’s honest truth.”

But it was the idea that Fox leans right that caused The Five co-host Eric Bolling to reach out with his objections to Weiner on his preferred mode of communication, Twitter:

Weiner replied with a “bring it on” message:

And then they were off to the races:

It doesn’t seem like Weiner will be joining Bolling on Cashin’ In anytime soon. But if he does, we will make sure to bring you the inevitable overlapping shout-fest right here.

Update — 3:00 p.m. ET: Bolling obviously did not like the idea of Weiner getting the last word:

Watch the video of Weiner’s original comments below, via CNN:

[Photos via screengrab]

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