Eric Bolling And FBN Get Some EXCLUSIVE Footage Of Rick Perry Killing Stuff!

In this day and age of 24-hour news networks, the blogosphere, and, perhaps most importantly, Twitter, it’s incredibly hard to break a news story anymore. So kudos to Eric Bolling and the folks over at Fox Business Network for getting some extremely exclusive footage of Gov. Rick Perry and Rep. Steve King shooting a bunch of birds! Were you not watching when they aired this clip, you would have never gotten to hear King call in and have a four minute discussion of what a good shot Perry is.

Remember the FBN slogan; “If you don’t have Fox Business…demand it!”

The whole segment is pretty awesome as Bolling, a huge Perry fan, marvels at the footage, telling King he’s “proud” of him for having such a wonderful day. Perry, of course, considers shooting his “golf” and Bolling introduced the clip as the Governor “shooting 18 holes in a bunch of pheasants.” King also revealed that he’d invited all the GOP candidates out for a hunt but that, so far, only the two Rick’s (Perry and Santorum) had taken him up on it although Bachmann had expressed interest.

We can only hope that the other candidates jump on this chance. After all, knowing how to find food is an important part of surviving on the island. Whatever the case, hopefully King and Bolling will keep us posted!

Watch the video from FBN below:

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