Fox’s Eric Bolling Compares ‘Epic Fail’ Of ‘Obamanomics’ To Jimmy Carter

Eric Bolling debated Caroline Heldman, Professor at Occidental College, on his Fox Business show Follow the Money regarding whether President Obama is more like former President Ronald Reagan or former President Jimmy Carter. Bolling wondered “what’s happening to our country” and called “Obamanomics” an “epic fail,” similar to Carter. Yet the professor attempted to argue Obama is actually following “Reaganomics.”

The discussion got a bit testy when Bolling referred to his guest as “kid” and she later responded mockingly back to him as “dad.” Yet the most heated moment came when Heldman admitted “Democrats are using a bit of hyperbole” by claiming Social Security checks won’t go out if the debt ceiling isn’t raised. Bolling exploded in response and demonstrated his own hyperbole:

“You just called that hyperbole? Because I call it threatening, fear-mongering, putting a hatchet over a chicken’s head.”

Although he firmly believed Obama resembled Carter, according to Bolling there is still one difference: he doesn’t yet see who the Reagan is that will prevent Obama from serving a second term.

Watch the clip from Fox Business below:

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