Fox’s Eric Bolling Encourages ‘Swan Dive’ Off Fiscal Cliff: ‘It Should Be Called The Obama Cliff’

Bolling Encourages 'Swan Dive' Off Fiscal Cliff: 'It Should Be Called The Obama Cliff'

Stepping away from his spot on The Five, Eric Bolling joined Fox & Friends on Friday to discuss, among other things, the fiscal cliff. As others have, Bolling argued that we should take the plunge off the so-called cliff — and let the president take responsibility for the consequences.

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The segment excerpted the remarks Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made on Thursday, wherein he said Speaker John Boehner was running the House like a “dictatorship.”

“That’s kind of ridiculous,” Bolling said. “If it were a dictatorship, Boehner would’ve gotten that vote, and Plan B would have passed in the House. You couldn’t get the vote.”

“What we really should do, honestly, guys,” he added, “is swan dive over the fiscal cliff. Let President Obama own the fiscal cliff. It should be called the Obama cliff.”

The crew laughed at the terminology suggestion, but lamented that there’s been too much “name calling.” Bolling went on to argue that the GOP-controlled House has passed two bills already, but they will “never get a vote” in the Senate. Yet Democrats say it’s Republicans who won’t pass anything.

Watch below, via Fox News:

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