Eric Bolling Goes Off on Don Jr. Coverage: ‘The Liberal Media Keeps On Hunting for Those Witches’

“Whats all this hysteria about?” Eric Bolling asked rhetorically. “I think I figured it out last night.”

It was was his eureka moment. Wednesday on Fox News Specialists, Bolling shared his breakthrough conclusion on why the tenor of the Donald Trump Jr. coverage had, in his view, risen to the level of hysteria.

It’s the liberal media.

This is a liberal media witch hunt. A witch hunt not seen since Salem circa 1692. Since the election, the liberal media has been accusing Trump of colluding with the Russians. They are totally invested in that narrative. Completely invested in it. The problem is their investment is going belly up.

For six months, the liberal media has delivered what they call bombshell after bombshell. Well, guess what? Bombshell after bombshell has fizzled out like a wet bottle rocket. But the liberal media keeps on hunting for those witches. They become pathetic as a middle school boy who has a crush on the cheerleader, hoping just once she agrees to date him. Liberal media, she ain’t that into you.

Bolling’s colleague, Kat Timpf, pushed back — arguing that the Russia probe still needs to play out.

“Just because it’s not criminal doesn’t mean it’s not wrong… Nobody on either side should be saying it’s over when it’s not.” Timpf said.

Bolling replied, “Is it ever going to be over, though?”

Before Trump Jr. put out the email chain on Tuesday, he tweeted out a link to a piece on Bolling calling the meeting less than a “nothingburger”:

Watch above, via Fox News.

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