Eric Bolling: If Bain Raped Companies, Then Obama Is ‘Raping The American Taxpayer’

After doing a segment on the whole Cory Booker imbroglio, The Five turned their eyes to another Democrat with a foot in his mouth; Rep. James Clyburn who, this morning, accused Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital of “raping companies.” Eric Bolling responded that, if that were true, President Obama was “raping the American taxpayer.”

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Bolling made his comment after Dana Perino read Clyburn’s statement that he was actually only using “rape” as a synonym for “rob or plunder.” With a laugh, Bolling added this:

“If it is [rob or plunder], then I think Obama is really raping the American taxpayer and he’s not even giving us a dinner or glass of wine or cocktail.”

Look, I found Clyburn’s comment as inappropriate as the next guy (just like Kim Novak, it would be good if he learned that the word is a bit too powerful for simple hyperbole), however, what’s interesting is that it would appear that Bolling didn’t fully understand the Congressman’s defense. He said that he didn’t mean forced intercourse. You don’t need dinner and wine to rob someone.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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