Eric Bolling To Alan Grayson: It’s “Like I’m Talking To A Medicated Person”

Last night on Fox Business, Rep. Alan Grayson visited Eric Bolling on Follow the Money, where the two would participate in one of the most awkward and least informative interviews this side of Joaquin Phoenix. There were long silences, indirect insults, and general surreality. “Do you want to ask me any serious questions?” Grayson finally asked. Bolling replied, “I don’t think so, sir. Honestly, it’s almost like I’m talking to a medicated person.”

Bolling, though wasn’t exactly fair and balanced either. One of his questions to Grayson, who was handily defeated last week by Daniel Webster, was, “Did you not move to the center enough, or did you stay too far left?” Well, there’s no winning that one. He also asked the outspoken representative what his future plans were. Bolling went ahead and presented Grayson with his options: writing for the Huffington Post or becoming “a mouthpiece for the health industry.” For anyone who’s forgotten, Grayson once referred to America’s health care system as a “holocaust.”

Watch the fireworks not quite take off in the Fox Business below (via Johnny Dollar):

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