Eric Bolling Trashes Obama’s ‘Hypocrisy,’ Wonders How People ‘Could Vote For 4 More Years Of This’

During The Five‘s recap of the second inauguration of President Obama, co-host Eric Bolling went off on what he saw as a hypocritical speech; and wondered how people could have voted for “four more years of this.”

“This speech was filled with hypocrisy,” Bolling said. “This man literally said ‘a decade of war is now ending’ a couple hours after a drone took out two people in Yemen.”

He continued on to cite his frustrated social media followers’ sentiments: “I got comments, multiples of what I usually get, saying something along the lines of, ‘I can’t watch.’ ‘I’ve heard enough.’ ‘Flush my head down the toilet.’ ‘We asked for it, we bought it, you own it.’ People are so upset.”

“Is that a surprise from your Twitter list and your Facebook list?” co-host Bob Beckel quipped.

“Look at the price of gasoline, look at the income numbers, look at the net worth numbers, look at the debt numbers,” Bolling concluded, “and you wonder: How could they vote for another four more years of this?”

Watch below, via Fox:

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