Eric Bolling: Whats Left For Obama? ‘A Sex Tape With Michael Moore Or Oprah?’

On the Tuesday edition of Fox News’s The Five, Eric Bolling went through a laundry-list of President Obama‘s political liabilities, and wondered out loud what could be next–delving into the absurd. “Think about what we have now,” Bolling observed. “We have a president who admitted to smoking pot, admitted to doing lines of coke, admitted to stealing — what’s left, a sex tape with Michael Moore or Oprah?”

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The panelists on The Five were discussing a recently unearthed video from The Daily Caller that showed Obama admitting he “stole” the title of The Audacity of Hope from Jeremiah Wright. HuffPo’s Jason Linkins notes this wasn’t actually a new revelation, as video of Reverend Wright using the term has been available on YouTube for years.

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“Does this matter now?” Greg Gutfeld asked co-host Dana Perino.

“It probably doesn’t matter, no,” Perino acknowledged. “Probably not that much, although for people not inclined to vote for Obama again — maybe anybody that’s on the fence, it does take a look at…maybe the media will not protect President Obama as well as they used to.”

Watch Bolling’s wild suggestion of the next Obama scandal below via Fox News:

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