Eric Cantor Tips GOP Hand: Passing The Whole Jobs Plan ‘Is Not The Way To Get A Win’

Following tonight’s presidential address to a joint session of Congress, there were reports of encouraging signs that Republicans might actually consider working with President Obama on his American Jobs Act. That hope lasted about as long as a Kajagoogoo retrospective, as Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va) appeared on Fox’s Hannity show to provide a reading between the lines of Speaker John Boehner‘s tepid written statement: Republicans will take the tax cuts, and block the rest.

Those who saw cooperative happy talk in Boehner’s statement about how “the proposals the president outlined tonight merit consideration” can forget about that, as Boehner telegraphed the GOP’s next punch by saying, “We hope he gives serious consideration to our ideas as well.”

For those who missed the meaning, Cantor tells Sean Hannity that he’s happy to pass the parts of the President’s plan that he already likes, but passing the whole plan “is not the way to get a win.”

As the President’s speech was starting, I needed a screengrab to post with our transcript of his prepared remarks. I couldn’t use the first one I took, but the visual now seems eerily prophetic (if not all that surprising):

Here’s the clip of Cantor’s appearance, from Fox News’ Hannity show:

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