Eric Holder Has a Message For Donald Trump Supporters and Their ‘Little Stupid Hats’


Former Attorney General Eric Holder took some time out of his post-Obama administration life as a private practice attorney to throw a few shots at Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Tuesday night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. During their wide-ranging interview, host Seth Meyers asked Holder how he first met President Obama, and Holder went on a comedic riff that included a slam at Trump’s proposed border wall:

Holder: I’m now — no longer attorney general, so I can tell the truth. No, we actually met, we were both born in Kenya. His village came over to my village.It was a social gathering. He and I hatched a plan. We both — he was younger than me. We both said, “You know what? This Kenya thing’s not working out.” I said, “I’m with you, Barack.” He said, “Why don’t we go to the United States?” And so we migrated, tramp steamer and we climbed over a big wall, I think it was in Mexico.

Meyers: Okay, gotcha. You just climb over them. So, even if there was a longer wall, you would, you would have made it.

Holder: Well if it’s a ten foot wall, you just get a 12 foot ladder.

Later in the interview, Meyers asked Holder to weigh in on Donald Trump’s vision of an America “that pre-dates all of these improvements in civil rights,” and Holder urged Trump fans to ditch their signature red headgear:

Make America great again, America is great. America is great, has been great, and will be great. We don’t want to go back to a past, at least I think in Donald Trump’s mind, that America really never existed, or maybe exists only a select number of people. If you were a person of color, if you were gay, the America of 40 and 50 years ago was not the most hospitable place. We want to say where we are, build on the progress that we have made, and make sure the America of the 21st century is better than the one that was in the past. Give up the little stupid hats and lets work together and make a better country.

Trump’s support has been amazingly resilient, but now that our nation’s first black attorney general has weighed in, his supporters will no doubt come to their senses and donate all of those hats to trucker museums and hipster recovery programs.

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