Eric Trump Calls Media ‘Sick’ For Not Covering Dad’s Performance in … Iowa State Fair Corn Kernel Poll


First-son Eric Trump raged against the media during a Fox News interview on Wednesday for supposedly failing to cover his dad’s “overflowing” performance in the Iowa State Fair corn kernel poll.

The charming — but extremely unscientific — election survey gives fair-goers the chance to toss a corn kernel into glass jars representing the 2020 candidates, all while the presidential hopefuls wander the Des Moines fairgrounds giving stump speeches and talking to potential voters.

“Trump’s bowl was totally overflowing, but they’ll actually only show the Democrats,” the Trump son said during a morning appearance on Fox & Friends. “They only show these little ones … [The media] won’t show the one on red podium, which is Trump’s, which is literally filled to the top and overflowing.”

While it is true that Donald Trump’s jar has the most kernels, the president’s only competition is former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, who received just three percent of votes from Republican attendees. Meanwhile, the Democratic candidates are competing with over 20 rival presidential hopefuls; 19 Democratic candidates earned four percent or less of the kernels cast in the survey, while former Vice President Joe Biden led the pack with a 24 percent mark, per the New York Post.

“They had to bring out a few more jars for your dad,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt remarked in response to Eric Trump’s media criticism.

“Unbelievable. It’s unbelievable. Why does the media hide that?” the president’s second-eldest son replied. “They only show the Democrats. They won’t show Trump’s bowl, which is overflowing. It is sick that that has to be narrative in this country and no one can even talk about it unless somebody comes over with phone, snaps a picture because they happen to be a supporter, and it ends up going viral.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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