Erin Burnett Sings In Awkward Effort To Challenge Stephen Colbert

Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert spent the better part of the first half of his show mocking a late-night failure by Erin Burnett to properly “flick” a graphic from one touchscreen to another. It quickly got Burnett’s attention, apparently, as she had a few corrections for the fake news host tonight– and a challenge for him to come flick along with her.

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Recapping the Colbert segment, Burnett played it and turned to the end, where he showed an image of her and asked “CNN, is this your graphic?” Apparently, Burnett explained, it’s not: it’s a CNBC photo from 2005. She understood why he would make that mistake, she explained: “you were excited about your new toy, forgot you were a pretend journalist for a segment.” But Burnett wasn’t looking for a struggle against Colbert, as she defined the “truthiness” to be, and used a Michael Jackson song to make her point: “I want to flick with you.” So it wasn’t so much a confrontational challenge as an invitation to hang out and learn about each other’s flicking abilities (though not so much the part that involves flushing Burnett down a virtual toilet connected to the Colbert Report logo).

The segment via CNN below:

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