ESPN Host Compares Redskins Controversy to Watergate, Slavery

ESPN sports commentator Bob Ley on Tuesday compared the call for the Washington Redskins to change its name to the Watergate scandal that undid President Richard Nixon. He also drew paralells between opponents of a potential name change and slavery.

Ley’s comments dovetailed on a new poll that showed three-quarters of Americans say the Redskins name, though it may be offensive to some, should not be changed.

Ley said the controversy over the name is a “media creation” that was easy for followers of the story to have an opinion on.

“So was Watergate when it first started, in the same town (Washington, D.C.), incidentally,” Ley said. “And forty years after Richard Nixon left town with his playbook, nobody has a problem with the media’s role. Anything but.”

Ley said the poll may reflect a national resentment of “victimhood” before he compared it to slavery. “But you wonder what the polling back in the day would have been on the Emancipation Proclamation,” he said, “or letting that Robinson guy play with the Dodgers back in ’47.”

Watch via ESPN (Note: Video autoplays):

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