ESPN Will Pay Bill Simmons to Do Nothing Until September

simmonsThe terms of Bill Simmons‘s ouster from ESPN and Grantland have been set: he’ll get paid through the end of September, but he can’t do a front-facing thing for them until then. No writing, no commentary, no producing, no podcasts, no TV, no nothing.

What’s more, according to Sports Illustrated, Simmons won’t even get a farewell column on Grantland, the site which he founded for the sports news giant.

ESPN cut ties with the prominent columnist last week after contract negotiations fell through, but reportedly didn’t bother telling Simmons in person: he apparently learned of his axing via Twitter, which, ouch.

In one of several farewell emails he sent to his staff last Friday, Simmons said he was proud of what Grantland had accomplished on its own, recently reaching an all-time high of 10 million unique visitors per month. ” Work situations are rarely going to be perfect and you can’t allow it to affect what you’re doing,” he wrote in a memo obtained by Deadspin. “The best way to ‘respond’ right now is to keep putting out a great site.”

While ESPN told reporters at their recent upfronts that they don’t predict a staff exodus in the wake of Simmons’ firing, judging from tweets like this written by Grantland’s current staff, we wouldn’t be surprised if that happened.

[h/t Vanity Fair]
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