ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Loses It Over NOW’s Call for Goodell Resignation

First Take cohost Stephen Smith, who just finished a suspension for his previous comments about domestic violence, went off on the National Organization for Women Wednesday afternoon, after the organization called for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to step down.

“I’m sorry, I think this woman is off her rocker,” Smith said, referring to NOW President Terry O’Neill. “I think she’s lost her mind. That’s right, I said it.”

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“This is the most ridiculous nonsense I’ve ever heard in my life,” Smith said. “Roger Goodell deserves to lose his job? Why are you acting like he’s Ray Rice? Roger Goodell didn’t hit Janay Palmer Rice. He hasn’t hit any women. And by the way, the last time I checked, Skip, why are we talking about the NFL as if it’s some cesspool for domestic violence? There’s a few cases. It’s being dealt with…What the hell is this? That’s crazy!”

It took both Cari Champion and Skip Bayless to ease the segment into commercial, as Smith continued to huff and puff. (In fairness, I guess, Smith and co. had been discussing the issue fairly reasonably on and off for two hours leading up to that point. FWIW.)

Watch the clip below, via ESPN2:

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