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Et Tu? Chris Christie Now Expressing Disappointment in Trump: ‘We Haven’t Gotten Things Done’

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie voiced disappointment in President Donald Trump while appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, lamenting the fact that “[Republicans] haven’t gotten things done.”

Christie’s concern came as a response to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough asking the governor about his “biggest disappointment” in the current White House:

We haven’t gotten things done. we haven’t put touchdowns in the end zone. The only real touchdown we have put in the end zone is justice Gorsuch. For eight years, things like tax reform, you know, things that should be done with the Republican congress and Republican president. We have been distracted by other things. We need to get focused on getting that done.

After a fiery GOP primary where Christie and Trump shared harsh insults on the debate stage and elsewhere, the New Jersey governor wound up endorsing Trump over other Republican candidates and acting as a surrogate throughout the campaign.

The segment also hit on Christie’s low approval ratings, as well as his criticism of Texas lawmakers who voted against Hurricane Sandy relief — and are now asking for emergency federal funding to help with Tropical Storm Harvey.

Christie, who recently was considering hosting a sports radio show following his governorship, continued his football references outside of the Republicans lack of “touchdowns,” as the governor made NFL predictions for the coming season — predicting the Cowboys record (his favorite NFL team) to be 11-5, the New York Giants record to be 10-6, and the New York Jets record to be 1-15, chiding, “they gotta’ win one.”

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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