Ethan Hawke: It’s Hard to Sell Movies Without Guns

Actor Ethan Hawke appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and dished on the kind of movies that make money, and offered a conclusion based on his career in Hollywood: Guns sell, Hamlet doesn’t.

Meyers noted that Hawke told him backstage that Shakespeare films don’t pay much, asking about the correlation between film content and pay for actors.

“Shakespeare, no money, but you get really good lines,” Hawke explained. “You do some kind of unmentionable movie that nobody sees and you want people Googling and looking up so you don’t mention the titles, but you get paid a lot for them.”

“There’s also a direct equation — you know there have been people talking so much about gun control in this country,” Hawke continued. “And I noticed recently, if you put in a column of every movie I ever did where I carry a gun, and every movie where I don’t, and my salary… I really think it would be about 92% to 8%.”

“You realize how much our identity has been wrapped up, about what we want, and how we see people, and how hard it is to sell a movie without a gun — no wonder we’re in turmoil over this subject,” Hawke added.

Watch above, via NBC.

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