comScore Eugene Robinson Slams Sessions For 'Lock Her Up' Chant: He's Unserious About 'Sacred Duty'

Eugene Robinson Slams ‘Obscene’ Sessions For Cackling at ‘Lock Her Up’: Unserious About a ‘Sacred Duty’

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson called Jeff Sessions “obscene” on Wednesday for the way in which he handled the “lock her up” chants during his speech yesterday.

The attorney general laughed and echoed the chants to imprison Hillary Clinton as he spoke to high schoolers. Robinson reacted to this by saying it “just shows how unserious this administration is and this attorney general is about what I think is a sacred duty.”

“Don’t you take seriously the fact that you’re supposed to be the top law enforcement official of the United States of America?” Robinson asked. “You take it no more seriously than that, justice being blind?”

The panel moved on as John Heilemann noted that even Sessions didn’t exactly join the chant, he was obviously delighted with the moment and all it entailed. Noah Rothman noted that the chant is deliberately provocative, and it contrasts what Nikki Haley told to Sessions’ audience about not basing political arguments around the goal of “owning the libs.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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