Even Jay Carney Didn’t Think Jay Carney Would Be A Good White House Spokesman

This week has been a particularly bad one if you’re the official spokesperson for the Obama administration, and White House press secretary Jay Carney has had to field a lot of questions about a number of growing scandals. So what better time would there be then to dredge up a clip of Carney saying he might not be the best choice for press secretary? POLITICO’s Dylan Byers did just that today, highlighting a clip of Carney saying during a C-SPAN appearance in 2006 that he would not make a good press secretary.

Carney was talking about the kind of people who make the best press secretaries, remarking that “it’s a tricky job, I’m sure I wouldn’t be any good at it.” He added that good press secretaries shouldn’t embarrass themselves and “not making themselves look like they’re just spinning and not conveying any information in front of the press.”

You can make your own judgments based on Carney’s presser today on whether he is now in the business of conveying information or spinning, though conservatives found Carney to be so cagey and withholding, the Twitter hashtag #ThingsJayCarneyDOESKnow went viral today. The Washington Post‘s Chris Cillizza piled on with a post on Carney’s rough day told by a series of facial expressions.

Watch the video below, courtesy of C-SPAN:


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