Ex-Apprentice Stars Slam Trump’s Presidential Bid: ‘Let Us Choose Kennedy Over Kardashian-ism’


As expected, a handful of former Apprentice contestants gathered Friday morning to issue a joint statement condemning the language used by their former boss, Donald J. Trump. Included in that group is former Season 4 contestant Marshawn Evans Daniels and Randal Pinkett, who won the show’s fourth season top prize.

CNN cut to a segment of the remarks as they were read off by Season 1 Apprentice star Kwame Jackson, who bashed Trump for his reality show-esque approach to American politics. “Into that void of uncertainty and fear has stepped Mr. Trump, stoking flames of our worst demons to the chagrin of our better angels,” Jackson said Friday morning.

“As a citizen, patriot, and leader, it is my duty to use my small platform to speak the truth, arouse our collected conscience, and channel the best version of America I know is within us all,” he continued.

Just days before the New York state-wide primary, Jackson is hoping that his words reach the ears of people considering to vote Trump. “This is no time to run and be silent… so let us choose Kennedy over Kardashian-ism each and every time as a leading nation. Muhammad Ali over McCarthyism — that is why I defiantly stand up.”

CNN’s Carol Costello read off a statement that the real estate mogul frontrunner had already released in response, calling his former contestants — shocker — “losers.” Trump also identified his former contestants as, “a group of failing wannabes.”

Watch the above remarks from CNN.
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