comScore Brandon Judd Slams NBC's 'Absolutely Ridiculous' Report

Ex-Border Patrol Agent Suggests Trump Admin Lying About Only Six Suspected Terrorists Detained

National Border Patrol Council president and Fox News regular Brandon Judd bashed NBC on Tuesday for their report on how many terrorists U.S. Customs and Border Protection supposedly stopped at the southern border.

Even though the Trump Administration has recently been claiming that 4,000 known or suspected terrorists were stopped in the south last year, CBP data suggests the number is actually much lower, with only 6 people appearing on government watch lists.

When Judd was asked about this during an interview with Fox & Friends, he called it “absolutely ridiculous” to say the Department of Homeland Security only detained six suspected terrorists, and he claimed the DHS withholds the real numbers from the public.

“When you look at 9/11, all of those people who took down the towers right here in New York City none of them were on the terrorist watch list. We don’t know who is coming in this country illegally. This, again, is illegal immigration. It’s not legal immigration. If it was legal, they would be presenting themselves at the ports of entry and we would know exactly who they are.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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