Ex-Breitbart Spokesman: GOP, Fox News Hosts Must Denounce Sexual Harassment

On Sunday morning’s edition of Joy Reid’s “A.M. Joy” on MSNBC, former Breitbart spokesman Kurt Bardella joined the show to discuss the sexual harassment scandal that Bill O’Reilly and others at Fox News are now embroiled in.

During the brief appearance, Bardella had a very clear point to make: The male personalities at Fox News need to take a stand and speak out at the sexual harassment within their organization.

“They feel that if you speak out against Fox News, you’re speaking out against the Republican primary base,” he said, adding:

That same base that put Donald Trump into office. They know that this is an audience that are fervent Trump supporters, as they’ve seen an increase in audience with Trump being in office. So going against Fox News is like going against your own supporters, and I think that a lot of politicians are cowardly in not doing so. It’s embarrassing that there are so many people in public office that are supposed to be role models who won’t do the right thing and call out sexual harassment and misogyny when they see it, and instead would rather kowtow to their base.

Bardella had the same thoughts for Fox News hosts. “At some point, everybody has culpability if you allow a culture like this to continue and spread,” he explained. “And it would be really something if these men who work there would be a part of that.”

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