Ex-Bush Admin Official John Yoo Likens Mueller’s Investigation to Colonoscopy: ‘Painful’ But Good for You


Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo came up with a weird metaphor on Friday when he appeared on Fox News and recommended against President Trump‘s idea of getting involved with Robert Mueller‘s investigation.

There’s been a lot of commotion lately about whether Trump will fire Jeff Sessions and other members of the Department of Justice soon out of frustration with the Russia probe. Yoo was on to talk about this as well as the “factual predicate” Trump has to launch a new special counsel investigation into the alleged bias of the DOJ and FBI.

Since Fox’s Molly Line acknowledged that firing Sessions would be seen as a political move on Trump’s part, she asked Yoo about the president’s latest comments that the attorney general will remain until the midterm elections, but his future after that is unknown. Yoo argued that it’s better for Trump is he keeps a trusted conservative like Sessions at the head of the DOJ, and the president would only increase calls for impeachment by firing Sessions or Mueller instead of allowing the latter’s investigation to run its course.

Line noted that a new poll shows most Americans don’t want Sessions fired, and shortly after that, Yoo made a very…strange comparison between the Mueller investigation and a colonoscopy.

“If Trump were to fire Sessions, who could he possibly appoint and confirm in the meantime? I think the American people are happy with the amount of stability that Sessions has brought. They see Trump and he can’t help it, of course. I don’t blame him. He’s under federal investigation, he’s ticked off, no one wants to be under a federal investigation. It’s like undergoing a colonoscopy, you don’t like, it’s painful, but it’s good for you, and he’s gonna have to let the investigation run.”

Well then… okay.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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