Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Slams Trump for ‘Spy’ Claims: He’s a ‘Master of Mischaracterization and Dishonesty’

As President Donald Trump continues to tweet about an FBI informant in his campaign and calling it “SpyGate,” MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked former CIA Director John Brennan what the difference is between an informant and a spy.

“First of all I think this is very typical of Mr. Trump to mischaracterize,” Brennan said. “He’s a master of mischaracterization and dishonesty.”

“A spy is somebody who is recruited,” Brennan continued. “Usually it’s a foreign national who is going to work on behalf of U.S. intelligence agencies to provide information about issues related to our national security.”

“A confidential human source is what the FBI uses in order to have some insight into what may be going on that could involve criminal activity,” he explained further. “To label someone as a spy when they are a confidential human source is doing a disservice to these individuals but also to the FBI.”

“But again, this is something that Mr. Trump is masterful at in terms of twisting the truth in order to support his narrative,” he added.

Mitchell pressed for more details: “What’s the difference between an informant who tries to find out… an informant trying to find out if there’s truth to allegations of Russian collusion or someone who is embedded and planted spying inside the campaign as the president describes it?” she asked.

“For FBI investigations there needs to be a predicate,” Brennan answered. “There needs to be a premise to be able to pursue these types of investigative leads. And having a confidential human source who is able then to talk to individuals who may be consorting or collaborating or colluding with Russians and others. This is what the FBI absolutely needs.”

“A lot of people are complaining that the FBI and the CIA didn’t do enough to uncover what Russia was doing. This is what the FBI was supposed to do and thank goodness they did it… This is essential for FBI to be able to do its work.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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