Ex-FBI General Counsel Jim Baker: No Spying on Trump’s Political Strategies; ‘Focus was on Russia’


Former FBI General Counsel Jim Baker pushed back on allegations of inappropriate spying on the Trump campaign during an appearance on CNN’s New Day Thursday morning.

Host John Berman led a wide-ranging and remarkably informative discussion of Russian interference into U.S. elections, and Baker has become something of a central figure for the conspiracy media set who have been parroting President Donald Trump’s dismissive claims that the Mueller investigation was nothing but a “witch hunt” and “hoax.” Yes, Baker is considered by Sean Hannity, and others like him, to be a “deep state” figure that was part of a thus-far failed effort to bring down Trump.

At the end of the nearly 10-minute interview, Berman plainly asked: “Did the FBI spy on the Trump campaign as Attorney General suggested?”

Baker opened by first saying that, to him, the word “spy” has a “negative connotation.” He then made clear his position on FBI activities in June of 2016 that has led to a series of investigations (and investigations into said investigations.

“I could say there was no intention by myself or anybody else I’m aware of to intrude or do activities with respect to the campaign in order to gather political intelligence to find out what the political strategies were,” Baker offered. And in case that wasn’t clear, he added declaratively, “No. The focus was on Russia. This is all about Russia. That’s what we were worried.”

Watch above via CNN.

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