Ex-GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Calls Out Republicans For Post-Mueller Report Silence: They’re Too ‘Afraid to Speak Up’


Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh has gone from Trump voter to tweeting out serious criticisms of the president like these:

Following the release of the Mueller report, Walsh said that Republicans can’t spin its findings, and he told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin today that the report is an “incredibly damning portrait” of the president.

“Criminal behavior, who knows?” he said. “But boy, dishonest, immoral, unethical? Heck yes it is. And I’ll tell you, Brooke, every Republican on Capitol Hill agrees with what I just said. They can’t say that publicly.”

Walsh said his former colleagues are “afraid to speak up” because most of the GOP base still supports Trump and they want to get reelected.

When Baldwin asked if he would support a 2020 primary challenge against POTUS, Walsh said, “I think this president needs a challenge.”

Baldwin also questioned Walsh on whether he would be this outspoken if he was still a member of Congress.

Walsh said he would:

“Yes, without a doubt, and Trump would probably fund a primary opponent. Look, I’m on conservative talk radio, Brooke. That’s not easy turf to say what I say about Trump, because we all want to be like Sean Hannity and all we care about is ratings. I can’t be that way… You’ve got to speak the truth, and these Republicans are going to have to because it’s going to get worse with this president.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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