Ex-Journo Behind 60 Minutes NSA Report: ‘Almost No Difference’ Between Journalism and Intel Work

Ex-60 Minutes reporter-turned NYPD intelligence official John Miller made a brief return to CBS Thursday morning to talk about his new role in the NYPD. Miller, of course, was the reporter behind 60 Minuteswidely-panned NSA report, especially since, at the time, he was in talks to get the NYPD position that he ended up getting. And given that conflict issue, it was rather striking when Miller said during his CBS appearance today that there is “almost no difference” between being a journalist and being an intelligence official.

Charlie Rose asked his former colleague, “Are you in your heart a journalist or a law enforcement officer?”

Miller slightly amended the question to explain how intelligence work and journalism are not that far off.

“I would recast that question to say am I a journalist or an intelligence officer, only because there’s almost no difference. Intelligence is nothing more than understanding a problem… The work of intelligence officers and reporters is extraordinarily similar. You become a briefer, you tell your boss, ‘Here’s the bottom line. These are the potential responses.’ That’s kind of what you all do.”

Miller’s comment, naturally, received some less-than-positive feedback from journalists on Twitter.

Watch the video below, via CBS:

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