Ex-RT Anchor Liz Wahl: RT’s Abby Martin Says Things the Kremlin Likes

Two RT anchors made big news this week, with one speaking out against Russian action in Crimea and the other resigning after calling the network Russian propaganda. And on MSNBC Wednesday night, the latter addressed the former on Lawrence O’Donnell‘s show, with Wahl saying that Martin kept her job because “the Kremlin likes” the things she says on her show.

She told O’Donnell she’s worried about the possibility of another Cold War and didn’t like “being used as a tool to promote Putinist propaganda.” In response to RT’s statement that said she resigned for self-promotional interests, Wahl said they’re just trying to contrast her with Martin because they really don’t have a problem with what her former colleague says.

“We’re doing two different things. Abby Martin is still with the network. The things that she says on her show happen to be what the Kremlin likes, it’s a narrative that they like. This is a narrative that I find to be propagandist, I find it to be hostile toward the West.”

O’Donnell noted how Martin gave “corporate media” flak last night for being no worse than what happens at RT, but Wahl agreed there’s a difference between a corporation owning a media empire and “promoting the foreign policy of a dictator.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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