Ex-Trump Spox Jason Miller Rips Corker: He’s ‘Doing the Dirty Work of the DNC’

After a monumental day of news within the Republican Party, Anderson Cooper had on Jason Miller, former spokesperson for President Donald Trump and current CNN political commentator, and CNN political contributor Amanda Carpenter to react.

With the fireworks coming from Sen. Bob Corker and Sen. Jeff Flake earlier today, Amanda noted that the days’ events more than likely pleased President Trump because he wants to push out anyone who isn’t directly loyal to him. She concluded by simply saying “Trump’s happy.”

Jason Miller noted that while Amanda had “good points,” it was “really important” to point out that Sen. Flake was down by “more than 20 points” in both primary and general election polling.

From there, Miller reiterated that the “rhetoric” and “attacking” stemmed from the fact that Flake was going to lose his reelection. Miller hit a crescendo of Trumpist gruff when he turned his attention to Sen. Corker:

“This was a lunch today where the president was coming in to try to work with the Republican to move with this agenda and Senator Corker woke up, booked himself on T.V. and went around doing the dirty work of the DNC. Many politicians turn the page at this point and forget who Flake and Corker are.”

While this is both Corker and Flake’s self-imposed last terms in the Senate, contrary to Jason Miller’s commentary it is unlikely they will be forgotten by Republicans and the media anytime soon.

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