Ex-Washington Post Reporter: Hillary Has ‘an Unstable Personality’

On The O’Reilly Factor Monday, former Washington Post reporter Ronald Kessler sat in as a guest to promote his book The First Family Detail and he offered a highly unflattering take on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Kessler’s book is based in large part on interviewing Secret Service agents, both on and off the record.

Of Clinton, Kessler said his book contains quotes from agents who spoke on the record and describe a “nastiness” about Clinton when they served on her detail. “She would blow up with them. She wouldn’t talk to them. And yet she claims to be a champion of the little people,” Kessler said. “I think it goes back to her character, it shows an arrogance, an imperiousness, an unstable personality when you feel you have to put down other people who are less powerful than you. I think it’s very important.”

Kessler added that voters should remember his reporting on the topic should Clinton decide to run for president in 2016.

Show host Bill O’Reilly wasn’t convinced. “I’m a little uneasy with that characterization,” he said to Kessler.

By contrast, Kessler said the Obamas are well-liked among the agents that serve them.

The First Family Detail also claims that Vice President Joe Biden enjoys skinny dipping.

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