Exactly One Guess: Who Else Made Same ‘Mistake’ That Bill O’Reilly Slammed President Obama For?

Fox News mainstay Bill O’Reilly made the curious claim that President Obama “made one mistake” when he called the bombings at the Boston Marathon a “tragedy,” insisting that they were, instead, a “vile act of violence designed to kill innocent people, including children.”

While it’s absurd, on its face, to insist that the term “tragedy” is somehow mutually exclusive to a “vile act of violence,” I’ll give you exactly one guess as to which other world leader made the same “mistake” that O’Reilly accused the President of. Hell, take two guesses:

O’Reilly can be forgiven a lapse of reason in the face of such a tragedy, but his instinct to go after President Obama under these circumstances should really get him thinking. Even if President Obama went to that podium and threw up on his own shoes, why attack him on a day like this?

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