Exclusive: NBC Brass Eyeing Kate Snow for Expanded Role at MSNBC


As MSNBC continues to clear the decks on its dayside afternoon programming on weekdays, the only question remaining is who or what will permanently fill the void left after six hours of opinion programming has been wiped out in relatively short order.

As exclusively reported here on two separate occasions, now gone (some as program hosts, some altogether from the network) are Ronan Farrow (who has performed solidly and comfortably in his new role in the field), Joy Reid, The Cycle, Alex Wagner, Ed Schultz, and most recently yesterday per an internal memo obtained by Capital New York, Al Sharpton…who will move his struggling 6:00 PM weekday program to Sunday mornings.

Regarding filling the aforementioned void, a well-placed source informs me that the network is eyeing Kate Snow of NBC News to play a bigger role in MSNBC’s revised daytime lineup. According to the same source, NBC News President Andy Lack is also looking for Tamron Hall, Andrea Mitchell and Thomas Roberts to expand their existing roles as well. But the Snow aspect is the key nugget to focus on here, as she comes from the Mothership with arguably the deepest resume you’ll see when stacking it up against others in cable news:

For starters, Snow knows the political landscape, have covered four presidential elections, Congress and the White House. She’s been a national correspondent for NBC News since 2010, packaging a wide range of stories for The NBC Nightly News and Dateline. Prior to joining the Peacock, the Cornell and Georgetown grad anchored the weekend edition of ABC’s Good Morning America. Before that, she was ABC’s White House correspondent. And prior to that, she was a Congressional Correspondent for CNN. And she’s built this entire LinkedIn page before the age of 46.

Ultimately with Snow, what you’re really getting on top of all that experience are two things: Gravitas and likability, a rare combo. MSNBC has lacked that for most of its existence…and especially since MSNBC President Phil Griffin started handing out programs like M&Ms to those who not only never hosted in any full-time, national capacity before, but clearly weren’t ready to do so if anyone bothered to do a few test-runs first. In whatever that expanded role is for Snow, and the easy bet here is as anchor of a two-hour block ala CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, MSNBC gets that gravitas back with someone who can wear a few hats in the process.

Is this a demotion for Snow going from the NBC News to MSNBC? Hardly. Was it a demotion when Jake Tapper or Chris Cuomo went from ABC News to CNN? National airtime is national airtime, and Snow deserves her very own hour or two again instead of filing 4-6 minute packages for the NBC Nightly News and Dateline here and there, which she’ll still continue to do but perhaps not as often given the time needed for the new role.

Another month, another MSNBC shake up. Sharpton gets shipped off to Sunday morning (is 4:00 AM still open?). Know this: Chuck Todd at 5:00 PM wasn’t about to toss to the Rev when his show was over. But a toss to Kate Snow? Maybe.

Or maybe she gets the 3:00 to 5:00 PM if Brian Williams doesn’t end up there.

Either way, the solid word from inside 30 Rock says Snow goes to MSNBC. And for her and cable news network that gets her, that can only be a good thing for all involved.

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