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Exclusive: The Lost Ed Henry Interview

It was a more innocent time. Dave Weigel was still writing for The Washington Post, and BP was still just an awful name for a brand of honey. On April 19, 2010, CNN’s Ed Henry sat down for a (much lighter) follow-up to our Inside the White House Press Corps interview. After bravely tackling subjects like Star Wars, tattoos, porn star names, and the then-imminent Lost finale, Ed’s interview promptly vanished into thin air.

Luckily, the video has resurfaced, allowing a nostalgic look back at a bygone era.

We shot this interview behind the area of the North Lawn known as “Pebble Beach,” where White House reporters do their “stand-ups.” The nickname dates back to when the area was set aside, and covered with gravel, to prevent correspondents from ruining the grass on the North Lawn. Since then, the gravel has been replaced by concrete, which has led some to dub it “Stonehenge,” but “Pebble Beach” is still the preferred nickname. (h/t David Shuster)

Without further ado, here is the lost Ed Henry interview:

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