‘Eye Of The Tiger’ Singer Violates Newt Gingrich’s Copyright On The Colbert Report

On Thursday’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert reported that Newt Gingrich was playing Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger at his campaign events without the band’s permission prompting them to sue the former Speaker of the House. “The power anthem from Rocky 3!” Colbert noted. “An obvious parallel for Newt. He’s an underdog, a born scrapper, and he’s fighting for the chance to be smacked around by a black guy!”

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“As much as I love Newt, he violated something I love even more. Copyright law!” Colbert exclaimed. “And Newt should be more sensitive to copyright infringement, because as Survivor guitarist and co-author of the song Frank Sullivan points out in his complaint, Newt himself is the author or co-author of over 40 copyrighted works, and that doesn’t even count his album of hoedown song parodies ‘Newtenanny.’ Well, there is only one way to even the score. I say an eye for an Eye of the Tiger. I believe someone should sing Newt’s latest book, A Nation Like No Other without permission!”

And who else could do it — but the original voice behind “Eye of The Tiger,” Dave Bickler! For several minutes, Bickler sang line after line from Gingrich’s book to the tune of “Eye Of The Tiger.” Colbert interrupted Bickler to how long the song was going to be.

“We rehearsed it,” Bickler quipped. “It’s 28 hours.”

Watch Bickler perform lines Gingrich’s book below via Comedy Central:

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