Fabio Tells Neil Cavuto He Doesn’t Want Obama Turning America Into Europe

There’s nothing the Obama administration can do that won’t be greeted by scorn and derision by the Right, and that includes Michelle Obama’s attempts to CONTROL WHAT WE EAT (aka her child nutrition initiative). During his theater-screened “Broke” townhall, Glenn Beck mocked the First Lady with giant hamburgers. Neil Cavuto, on the other hand, has done his part to ask the most random guests possible about their feelings about it. Last time, it was a fake doctor and a sexy nurse. This time, he interviewed Fabio.

While Fabio gave his advice on how to keep in shape, Cavuto asked him if that meant he supported the initiative. Fabio asked him to clarify and then explained that he didn’t buy that the president could be for health since he smokes. He then gave an inspirational speech about how he doesn’t want this country to go the “European way” and that he believes in the American people and not in politicians. Mrs. Obama, we hope you were listening. The American people don’t want this bill. “Nurse Mary” doesn’t want this bill. Fabio doesn’t want this bill. So you and your nicotine-addicted husband better back off!

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