Fact Check: CNN Report Delves Into False Claims From Obama, Romney Campaigns

Distortions and mistruths are part of the package deal voters get during an election season. While both sides will decry the each other’s inaccurate claims, that won’t keep them from spreading inaccuracies themselves. Leaving voters to sort out the mess. President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are no exceptions. Thus was the subject of a CNN report by Jim Acosta.

The segment took a look at a few of many fudged facts disseminated by both campaigns. Take an Obama ad, for example, which criticizes Romney’s Massachusetts record, specifically for the $18 billion in debt he left behind. What the ad fails to mention? That figure was at $16 billion when Romney took office.

Then of course there’s the age-old defense following a political gaffe: the “I was taken out of context” plea. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney took this approach following Obama’s remark about the state of the private sector. Romney echoed the same sentiment after his remark about firefighters and teachers landed him in hot water.

Annenberg Public Policy Center’s Kathleen Hall Jamieson said the problem is that voters see the out-of-context soundbites repeatedly, eventually losing track of the original remarks altogether. Furthermore, sometimes fact-checking is only reported once or twice, while the inaccurate clips live on. Acosta noted that fact-checkers themselves are having a tough time keeping up.

Maybe it’ll create some jobs at the fact-checking organizations, Wolf Blitzer added.

Take a look, via CNN:

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